Email Alerts on Sales Order Value Change

Hi Members,

I am trying to create new email alert on status change on every sales order.

I have created the rule shown above.

But I am not receiving any alert on email please let me know do I miss something here.

Screenshot looks okay.
@neilLasrado can you look in it?

can you please try changing the sent alert on to ‘save’ and test if it works ?

Hi @neilLasrado

Thanks for the reply.

I want the alerts when the same sales orders status changes i.e. To bill and Deliver , To Bill and Completed or Closed.

When I Change the alerts for Save it gives me alerts only when new sales orders are created, but not for the rest.

Please let me know How I can achieve this.

What you need is two alerts, one on billing_status, and one on delivery_status

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Hi @cpurbaugh

Tried your suggestion but still not working, I am only getting the notifications of newly created sales orders.

One more thing How I can add custom messages because it is not showing me any box for enter the message only example message box is there, please see below.

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Is it set up as follows:

Send alert on: “Value Change”
Value Changed: “billing_status” & “delivery_status”
Document Type: “Sales Order”

If thats not working, I’m not sure whats wrong.

The lack of a message box looks like a bug.

Hi @cpurbaugh

Yes the message box was a bug. I have update the erpnext and it’s gone now I can see the message box.

I have set the alerts as you shown above but it is not working, I will delete it and recreate the alert and let you know.


I’m not exactly sure how email alert system works, but my suspicion is that it is handled with a client side script, which means if a user isn’t the one changing the value in the browser, then the alert won’t be triggered. @neilLasrado am I on the right track?

I know this thread is old, but I found it on Google when I was looking for the solution to this, so others will probably also.
I had difficulty with the “Send Alert On” Save or Submit triggers as well as Value Changed → billing_status

What worked for me to send a shipping reminder when the sales order has been paid for:

Condition: doc.billing_status=="Fully Billed" and doc.status=="To Deliver"

Also, here’s the message template that I used that may be helpful for others also.

Sales order {{ }} has been paid. Please click on the button or link below to ship it.{{ }}