Email Attachments

I am still trying to “fix” email sending when there is an attachment. Mainly, when a sales invoice is created, I email the invoice to the customer. Unfortunately, the email always fails to send & I have to go into the email queue & tell it to send. I can create a email without any attachments & it sends out right away. Yes, the scheduler is running & restarting the scheduler does not help.

Do you do this by clicking Email or there is a script you wrote to send email on invoice creation?

I use the built-in email selection from the 3 dot elipse or, when the invoice is created, a short lived dialog appears in the bottom right of the screen to send the invoice in email. I have checked the RQ jobs & watched them cycle as well as the RQ workers and their statuses cycle

Which version of ERPNext are you using? When I get the time, i’ll see if I have a similar issue. (I’m using ERPNext v15.28.0)

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Our version is 15.28.2