Email Campaign issues


  • Once we set the email campaign we can view the list view like the one given below screenshot.
  • Even After the end date passes the email is sent to the customers.
  • In the status, it just shows as it was “In Progress” or “Scheduled”.
  • No update we get an email sent or not sent.
  • Nothing gets triggered after the date passes.
  • So mass mailing system does not work in an email campaign.
  • For now, we are only able to send the email separately to each lead or customer, not in mass. And if we wanted to send in mass then in communication medium we need to create it manually by giving a list of emails and email template and then send an email.

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Did you get some solution?
We are also facing a similar issue.

Unable to send bulk email to email-group.
ERPNext shows the campaign in progress, but no email is triggered, even after the last date ends.

Hello all,
I found the exact issue that caused the problem in my case. I am sharing this if this could be helpful to someone.

I was trying to send around 45k emails, and the system was not capable of handling that big amount of data in the buffer. So, every time I shot the emails, I found that the processing increased for around 2 minutes, and then it ended up. I tried increasing the buffer memory for the database, and it did my job.

if you go to /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf and update the size of the buffer, it will resolve the issue.

innodb_buffer_pool_size = 4G

The size is too high, and you should change it as per your needs. I did the change and reverted it back after use.

Try it if this helps.

Thanks, I will try it.

Maybe this PR help you

No, it’s not useful because it’s for the newsletter. In campaigning, it does not work. Because we want to schedule the email templates as per time and in one order so.

Can you elaborate more on this?

Because it’s not working so any other idea…

Any help on this???