Email Communication - permissions


i have one question. By default, the Communication Email is set to admin, see screen:

User which has permitted this email account, cannot reply to received emails and he are getting error: “You are not allowed to send emails related to this document”

But I do not understand it, because this user has:

  • this email address in his user profile
  • added permission to this Email Account, through User Permission
  • in communication doctype is allowed to send emails for role “ALL” with user permission

Where is problem? Can you help me?

ERPNext: v10.1.75 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.67 (master)

Does the user have the “Email” permission for the communication doctype? That’d be the first thing I’d check.

hi thanks for your answer,

and yes, as I wrote in third point

My apologies, I misread that third point to mean that you had permissions set on one of the email doctypes.

Just to troubleshoot, is the system manager able to send emails with its default permissions?

Yes, system manager can reply to email. He has enough permissions. But i don’t understand for which doctype are permissions missing. (email is not referenced to any doctype - like on screenshot).

Solved. Before that i setted permission for Communication Doctype with option:
Apply User Permissions - if Email Account is permitted

This was not working, I disabled this option and now it is working.

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@janecek.mato I am facing the same challage here. I have a system user with with employee Nd accounts user roles. He can not read received emails. User can not see the emails he sent.

How do I set permissions for to only read and view his emails?

Thank you

You must give him access to this email address through Email Account doctype. Also you must give him access to Communication doctype.

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