Email confirmation

Tested the webshop/cart with a new customer yesterday. All works fine. BUT: I understand that Erpnext “scans” for emails to be sent at a certain interval, I believe it is 5 minutes. This toooooo long for webshop applications. After registration the user expects the email with registration link more or less instantaneously, and after ordering the same for order confirmation mails. Can the “email scan rate” be increased or the design be changed in such a manner that emails are send out without delays, Rgds Robert

Hi Robert,

The signup emails are sent instantaneously. Your email client might be pulling the emails every 5 minutes.


Hi Anand,
Than I misunderstood something. Sometime back there was a discussion on this email scan rate, i believe.

We use Gmail but as far as understand, as a hosted user, mails are sent through mandrill.
How cld i check wher & how delays occur.
bye robert

Hi Robert

Even with mandrill we get the emails almost instantly.

Are you talking about the “Invite” feature or the signup system?

No, a customer created an account and put and order yesterday in our shop.
However, it took each time between 5 - 10 minutes for the 2 mails to arrive.

  1. the mail with the registration link 2) the mail with the confirmation of the sales
    She uses Gmail
    rgds robert

@becht_robert the sales confirmation email takes 5 minutes. However the registration link should’ve been delivered almost instantaneously.

I just signed up on your site and I got the email instantaneously.


oh,good to hear. Must have been something else that caused the delay,