Email Customization at Notification Control

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering how do we customize the email content at Notification.

Have tried to use the same method at email alert which is using eg :{{doc.supplier}} to fetch the supplier field value, but when it send to recipient email. It didnt work to fetch the field value. Attached is image for the email received.

At purchase order when submit.

Email inbox.



Anyone have an idea?


You can create the Standard Reply and use the jinja template in the standard reply.

Please Go To, Desk > Setup > Standard Reply

Thanks bro, got it.

If we want to use the standard reply as default email template without need to choose manually, does it achievable by custom script or there are any setting somewhere i have to take a look?

Appreciate for your input.

Wondering the same thing here - how can we get it to default on sales order to the standard template called sales order?

I’m sorry to be vague but I did manage to do exactly what you are looking to do without code so yes it is possible.

I think I had to Customise the doc type Sales Order and was able to save the printable template from here

So if I understand well, the standard reply cannot be selected by default and the notification cannot containt special code like {{}}???