Email deleting error

I try to delete 500 emails in my email inbox and get this error and no email deleted.

Any idea?

Did you try to delete less emails and check if there is a time out again?

If, i am not wrong, I see some delivery status notifications on the background, the problem could be also some bandwidth issue from google mail

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Yeah, it works like 100 emails, but 500 no way

Why we have such a issue?

Could be (i just suppose) that is a multiple request limitation from google mail.
They could limit the number of simultaneous requests to their SMTP from the same IP address.

It’s just a supposition, i don’t use google mail since 2009, so my knowledge could be really “outdated”

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You right probably, I have set up my email system in G suit and integrated to ERP next,
It is not working smoothly,

Some times some email is not pulling to erp from g suit,
some times table also looks wired in erp next.

Any one have the same problem?
What can we do for this?