Email Digest new format

Hi development team,

Honestly I liked the previous email digest a lot more! the new one does not have the quotations, sales orders, POs sent (weekly in my case). Is there a way to customized the email digest? If not, can you bring it back to how it was? It is not resisting change, it’s the fact that I used these metrics to gauge the operations loading of my team.


+1 I also miss certain info in new digest.

Moreover if information can be available with hyperlink, it can be more helpful.

@ahmed the new digest is a lot more extensible and we will keep adding more info. The old one was good but ugly.

Thanks @rmehta . It’s always good to see improvement, but please recover
(or better maintain) the old features as they were useful.

More information as long as they are good for business management is going
to be great. Can be the base of a proper dashboard with graphics and charts.

Best regards,
Ahmed Samir
Business Development & Services Manager

I suggest that - there should be hyperlink to the information provided so that the same can be traced further easily.

Hi all,

Is there a way to turn off the quotes at the bottom of the new digest? A lot of our users would rather have an option to turn it off and/or to determine what gets displayed


Dear development team, can you please comment on what can be done on this important feature.

Ask not what development team can do for you, ask what you can do for development team

:slight_smile: We are already working on lot of things, what do you want us to do?

Unfortunately I am not a developer, otherwise I would have done it myself.
It’s ok to tell us what you think of the discussion since you probably is
the one with the best knowledge of the product.

Acknowledging the need and giving it a low priority is better than not
commenting at all. I know you are busy a busy team who is doing a good job,
but you keep saying that you want the existing features to be amazing, and
users like us help by guiding you with ideas of how to make it so.

I am afraid the Apple way of managing software is not a great example, they
are famous for “branding” but not necessarily for a good software.

Best regards,
Ahmed Samir
Business Development & Services Manager

Hi Rushabh,

We need to be able to turn off the quotes at the bottom of the email digest. This is a business application so features like this should be optional. Could you kindly make this adjustment on priority? It might also be that I’m not immediately locating where this feature can be managed within the system. If so, please point me in the right direction

Thanks plenty

Kind regards,

@wale, fixed via [minor] quote optional in email digest by rmehta · Pull Request #4387 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub