Email Domain Setup - Stuck One Saving

Hi all, does anyone know solution?

I have google cloud instance and installed erpnext using easy install.
I have my email hosted on
and since google doesn’t allow normal ports, it suggests to use mailjet as an option with port number 2525
I used the google’s instructions on installing mailjet setting.

Now, I’m trying to set up email, using imap of zoho, and smtp of mailjet
it accepts the domain but, while adding email account, it says incorrect login or password

also, emails are not being sent via mail -s command line either.

does anyone know where emails are received by the instance stored?

so, mailjet dashboard shows the vm instance as the sender email (root@instance) and wants to confirm it by sending an email. If there’s a file in ubuntu where emails are stored, maybe that will fix things.

you will possibly need to use gmail email services / 5 USD per user :frowning:

i too had issue with google cloud but doesn’t seems to be like working due to port 25 is locked by google.

i will suggest you to goo with AWS, it works like charm.

AWS works? that’s great. Thanks.


Yes, AWS will solve your issue.

@fkardame where you able to solve this issue ?

Could you please share your findings.

this solved for me.

bench --force reload-doc core doctype communication_link
bench --force reload-doc core doctype communication

After an hour this worked