Email From is a hash code instead of an address

Dear colleagues,

I have a strange symptom on one system: if one user sends an email, the Email Queue shows

From: =?utf-8?b?UsOpbXkgSMOkbGcgPHJwaEBydWJpcm9zYS5jaD4=?=

and the mails often get rejected by the recipient’s mail server. On the very same system, other users can send mails perfectly fine; if another user sends the same document, his line in the Email Queue is

From: User <>

What can be the reason that for one user this behaves differently? Using ERPNext v10.1…



It seems like an encoding/decoding issue and or malformed markup that fails to parse and display correctly? Try ‘View source’ or ‘Show original’ to check the raw text and delimiters for clues.

The problem source could be the client where the email originated - Outlook can be a problem.

This may help <o:p></o:p> html markup mess from Office emails?

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Thanks @clarkej, that could really be the issue. I have changed the user’s name and will verify…

Note this [CLOSED] On python3 master email response from outside to erpnext contain escaped unicode character codes instead of utf chars