<o:p></o:p> html markup mess from Office emails?

No other reports so I added this issue here <o:p></o:p> markup in emails · Issue #12545 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Please what advice is there to avoid this affliction!?

Maybe continuing from this? Office 365 mail


Conversation moving to Github, please come see us there. https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/issues/12545

After I did an ‘apt-get upgrade’ I am on 14.04.5 LTS but still no change -

The markup problem is only on the Communication stream - the same email in the Email Inbox is a clean version with no markup.

So when I hit Reply, that retrieves the messy version and not the clean version.

Here’s a screenshot

So my naiive guess is the problem is with how Communication is rendered?

I will need some time to think about this…

You should also reply to the GitHub issue with same info - that’s where @joolsr responded to you.

Thanks @Julian_Robbins @achillesrasquinha @snv @imllc @Dale_Scott

One obvious problem/fix is to encode these html element delimiter ‘primitives’

&lt;meta&gt;&lt;meta name="Generator"&gt;

to ‘well formed’ html delimiters

<meta><meta name=“Generator”>

The html interpreter displays these literally as the markup mess rather than interprets them for display.

The real question is why are these delimiter markup present in the first place?

I will look around in this code

frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name '*.py' | xargs grep sanitize_email

_sanitize_content here does the HTML and email cleanup
frappe/base_document.py at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub


The real question is why are these delimiter markup present in the first place?

I doubt we could affect any changes even if we did know. To me, the real question is whether it’s legal markup. IMHO, if the markup is legal ERPNext should deal with it correctly

I recall you were setting up SquirrelMail on your demo vm to show how ERPNext works with external mail systems. Do you see this problem when you use SquirrelMail as an external mail client to read and reply to mail from ERPNext?