Email group for leads and customers

Dear all,

I want to include email group box for leads and customer in order to add directly as subscriber to the email group selected.

I customize lead doctype and included the following:

  • label: Email group
  • Type: Link
  • options: Email group

When I try to enter error appear as follows :

Something went wrong

Server Error: Please check your server logs or contact tech support.

Please let me know how could I solve.



Please check and share the error traceback from Error Log document.


Please see screenshots of the problem. I was trying to get error log document but it is empty.




Option Email group is invalid please change the Options to Email Group



Thank you very much for your help, I change and error disappeared but when I link for example a lead to one of the email group ,when I am checking this email group subscriber it doenn´t appear the lead. I mean is not included directly once I link with the group.