Email - IMAP not working as intended

I have configured IMAP accounts in ERPNext. The problem is that it reads the mail when it receives it. I have the same account running on three devices and due to this I am missing my important mail.
This is not the way IMAP works. Is there some setting I need to change?
Thanks for the help.

Can you log in as Administarator and check the IMAP settings for the email account? See the email sync option.

The Email Sync Option on ERPNext is set to UNSEEN. Also, the mails sent from ERPNext are not visible in my sent folder of email clients.
Thanks for the help!

@non-polar did you find a solution for this?
I am facing the same issue and can not find an option to not mark the downloaded messages as read.

You shoudl uncheck Use IMAP option from Email Domain, and change your incoming port to POP3 port.

In Outgoing Settings, do check Append Email to Sent Folder as well.

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Are you talking about my mail domain settings or ERP Next IMAP settings? FYI I am currently using IMAP on 3 devices for 4 email IDs.

On ERP Next it is set to IMAP and is not working as intended.

I still haven’t. Have stopped using ERP Next for sending mails as it is pain to go though read mails from ERP Next.

Why would I do that? I don’t want to use it on POP3 settings. I want to use it in IMAP. IMAP should work the same way as on Thunderbird or Outlook or the Gmail app on your phone. The problem is with ERP Next’s email working.

Makes sense.

Until Frappe changes its behavior, you should forward the original emails to an offsite address, like if the one that’s being shared is, you should create a 2nd address like so automatically forwards its emails to it, and connect that to your ERP instance, and do not check the Incoming settings for so you can still send out emails from Frappe.

Thanks for your suggestion. In my case I have 1GB per email id on my company’s shared VPS. It will be one more thing for me to handle. I will need to manage the data i.e., backup, etc., of another account.
Is there no way to convey this to Frappe? I thought feature requests, suggestions and bugs reported here (on forum) can be escalated to Frappe.
For now, I am not using ERP Next for mail. I think it’s easier and manageable like this. At least to me.
Thanks again!