Email IMAP validates then at some point stops

I recall a thread months ago about this but can’t seem to locate it (there was a brief mention to a work a round) and until now had moved on to other development within ERPNext but we are no ready to roll out. We can configure our inbound email to poll Office365 email accounts and all works for a period of time then all of the sudden it stops. in email accounts that were once validated and purple are now greyed. This has happened in both azure and google cloud compute so i don’t buy that it is a time out issue with the email provider Microsoft i believe it is once again the design of the email client within ERPNext which many agree needs work. Un till that can be addressed can anyone provide some concrete guidance as to how to resolve as ERPNext will be greatly handicapped if it can’t work reliably with the likes of Microsoft?

Just wanted to clarify something what is happening is the enable incoming check box is getting unchecked so the imap is not polling…

found the link i metioned from awhile ago ERPNext whats going on with this the product will be useless for customers if it doesn’t work with the likes of office365: