Email inbox and workflow

I am still adjusting to the new email inbox and am consistently frustrated by its presence and incongruences with external mail client with that said we are working to hard to adjust even though it means reading mail twice, once in mail client outlook and once in ERPNext to validate.

Perhaps one short term fix is until full synchronization and actions have been linked is to allow us that when we close an item in the email inbox in ERPNext it takes us back to the email inbox mail listing not just execute the closing communication and remain in email thread.

On another thought what would be even more helpful but I am sure subject to problems for the less attentive would be to add “close” to the menu drop down in email inbox right next to “mark as read”…

curios how others are handling the duplicity as its been awhile since ive seen much on this.

Odoo went through the same scenario. Originally you could sync emails via Outlook or Thunderbird to Odoo but they found that it was better to build better capabilities within the main ERP application and keep all the communications within it.

I think if at all possible it is better to avoid using Outlook where possible and reply or redirect emails into ERPNext and work communications that way. Otherwise you will not receive replies in the history of the doctype.

There are a few stumbling blocks to creating emails within ERPNext eg full screen mode is broken when creating mails from the quick edit menu.