Email Inbox is working in erpnext-13?


I tried to integrate Email Inbox I created the user and allocated the Email Account to the user.

After trying to send mail throw Email Inbox. I feel nothing happened.

After hitting the Send button. I checked the Terminal I’m getting this warning

 DeprecationWarning: Options {'_lang': 'en', 'cmd': ''} 
used in are deprecated or unsupported

Version Details

ERPNext: v13.50.6 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.56.4 (version-13)

Email Inbox is deprecated?

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i am also facing the same issue
is not working for me

I don’t see that it’s working for me with Frappe FrameWork 15.
I’ve started looking for a solution to this: “No email account associated with the User. Please add an account under User > Email Inbox.”
This message is displayed e.g. when I try to open the communication logs or the communication list.
@rmehta Who is going to instruct me on how to use communication features in Frappe Cloud?
Am I to apply these instructions here?

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In user you have to link the mail account

That message seems useless.
Your English seems poor.
We can teach you how to instruct people.
For when would you like us to schedule a talk?

Hello Mr @Julian.Dumitrascu,

My English may disappoint you. but the knowledge I have in Frappe & ERPNext will Impreses you.

Go to User Doctype. you will find Email Section you can add there

I’d certainly like to benefit from such knowledge. The fact that someone knows a computer program doesn’t make them a good teacher.
That’s another poorly given instruction. This issue is not solved.
We may have been closer to a solution had you responded to the last paragraph in my first message.
Why don’t you respond to everything in a customer’s message?
We can discuss how useful it were for you to help people more to use your services.
You are yet to respond to the last paragraph of my previous message. This would help us build rapport, which would help us benefit each other more.
Example: It seems difficult to find anything in the user guide of Frappe Cloud. I’ve used and written many user guides. I feel good when a user guide is very useful.
I’m glad we’re communicating on a Saturday. I’d work on any day.

Hi @Julian.Dumitrascu:

This is a voluntary community forum. Many people spend his time here just to learn and help others, most of us are not Frappe staff and, in my case … not fluent english spoken.

There are other channels to communicate with Frappe team if you are using paid services.
Please, be kind with other ones.

Thanks @Antony_Praveenkumar for your contribution.


Hello Mr @Julian.Dumitrascu
For your information. I’m a programmer not a teacher and also I’m not here to teach. Thank you.

Thank you for the support @avc