Email inbox missing

hi guys… does anyone know how to get the inbox view?
show a blank page…

i can see all my emails come in communication but i can’t see the imap folders… default & custom-made…

everything is set up correctly…

email domain
email account
email added to user master in settings.

any help is greatly appreciated…

I believe this was fixed in the latest version. Which version are you on?

i m on the latest

Was merged 5 days ago.
Latest is v13.8.1, not v13.8.0.
Update to v13.8.1

ooh thanks i updated it

now i can go to the inbox page but when i select any folder , it shows a error page. for example i selected sent from left side sidebar


@rtdany10 also i would to know does the email icon gts visible ever ? i have never ben able to see that icon on top header…

in all erpnxt tutorials they ahv this red icon but i never found it.

Please report that issue on GitHub as well.

I believe that red box is for notifications, not email.
In v13, its a bell instead of red boxed numbers.