Email input issue

While typing the email address, erpnext is showing this message - "Invalid email: "

It shows this message on each character typed in the textbox.

Please see screenshot attached.

Thanks in advance!!


I am also facing same issue while creating user.

I am also facing same problem
Frappe version 12.16.1
ERPNext version 12.19.0

have you configured email domain? which step have you followed before email account creation?
can you be more specific in this regards?

It seems that the problem is the system validating the entry after each character typed not after the whole field is completed.
It happened in any email field, I tried this in Employee form in company_email, personal_email and preffered_contact_email fields and also in the User form in emal field.

No it does not let me add a domain.
While trying to add domain, after entering example email address, the example email address field hides and then reappears empty, so cannot save the form.

I make changes to data.js at line 22 as follows:
if(this.df.options == ‘Email’) {
} else {
bind_change_event2: function() {
var me = this;
this.$input && this.$input.on(“change”, this.change || function(e) {
me.parse_validate_and_set_in_model(me.get_input_value(), e);

Then made :
bench update --build

facing same problem any standard solution without changing code??

correct reason is there any way to solve this issue without changing code and bench update