Email is not received after submitting RFQ


I am have added supplier as well as email template and enable for sending mail but after submitting i got modal message for Email has sent but i didn’t received. What might be the issue here?

Please check it in the Email Queue, it sent or not.

Hello @NCP Yes that is not sent.

I think, the scheduler is not enabled, so enabled it. and migrate the site or bench restart.

@NCP Still not sending. I have enabled the scheduler and migrated.


“db_name”: “_a611f4840959b372”,
“db_password”: “UFbW2CYxdBtAUlSH”,
“db_type”: “mariadb”,
“encryption_key”: “a3l6diBkdmJ6IHRlZ3AgYWJvegAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=”,
“pause_scheduler”: 0


Thank you @NCP. Now all email has sent.