Email issue (Cannot allocate memory)

Any idee why I get this erorr:

Most likely, your VM is running on very low memory.

It;s not a VM, it an digital ocean server.

You may want to setup swap for memory. DigitalOcean disables it by default.

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Yup I forgoted about that!

Thanks for remiding me!

I am very interested in digitalocean service feedback using erpnext :slight_smile:

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Digital Ocean has good user interface and support
Digital Ocean has higher pricing compare to
Digital Ocean has auto snapshot feature to take server backup

If you are developer you can buy else you can go with digital ocean

less pricing for high RAM and SSD
You can run multiple bench without any issue on 16GB RAM

Note: This is from my personal experience of using both service. We use both depending on RAM & SSD storage requirement


Digital Ocean is the best hosting provider. I can not say anthing else about it;)