Email message sent to childtable data

How to send mail for interviewer email id .Is this possible to send mail for more than 1 email Id .
In the Below code has sent mail but content is repeating 2 times for each emails.

How to Solve this issue.Help…

Not possible but you can do it another way.

First add the Email field in Interview doctype and you have to store child table email into the interview email field using server/client script logic.

like this way:

and this email field is used in the Notification doctype.

Final Output:

when mail is sent then it goes with multiple emails.

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Thank you NCP. i believe it will work.Thank you for your Help Again.

Email sending is sucssesfull but the content the email message is repeating .Below is the Email message format .

In the above format iterating the Child table for getting the interviewer name . Child table screenshot is given below .

Using this iteration email message content is looping .

how to stop the repeating content .

Now doesn’t required the for loop because you already set in parent doctype.

Now message set like:




Because there is no server script logic, you can only set limited conditions in the Notification doctype.

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ok .so the interviewer name ( custom_interviewer_name ) is not possible to set in Email content .