Email Notification - check whether value present or not

Hello guys

I added an email notification for lead and that is working. and I connected the company website through API.
I added a service selection field, as table multi-select .and I want to send the list of services through email.

I added the as normal command

that show error
What to do?
this is my image .

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

requested service is the table multi-select field

also, I added a Data field, for select services from the website.

When leads come from the website the services are present in the data field, and while adding leads manually, selecting the table multi-select field for services.

I want to send the 2 services through notification

if the value is present in the data field that wants to select, else the table multi-select service list wants to print.

Is there any option for that? Please help me

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Hi @jinsy,

Please apply it.

{{ doc.get_formatted('table-multiselect_filed') }}

{{ doc.get_formatted('lost_reasons') }}

Reload and check it, please.

Thank You!

Hello @NCP
That works. Thank you!!!

Is there any option to check value is present or not in notifications,
{{ doc.proforma_invoice or “Not Applicable” }}

if the value is present in the data field, select that to notification, else table multi-select value select

two fields do not have values at a time


What do you want?

I don’t understandard


Hi @jinsy,

{{ doc.notification_field or doc.get_formatted('table-multiselect_filed') }}

Apply and check it.

If leads from websites, that have only one service, that is a data field,

While we add a lead manually on ERP
selects multiple services, that is a table multi select

I want to send service details in the notification

field1:data field
field2:table-multi select

if the value is present in the field1, that is sent
else send field 2.

please check above post.

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Thank you @NCP
Your answer solved my problem!!!That works!!!