Email Notification for New Purchase Order not working

I have been created Email alert for creation of new purchase order but it is not sending a mail.
Please see below image for my setting.

Can you please check the email queue, if email is there.

I have checked email queue it shows me that mail not sent.

Request you to please elaborate as when you want the alert to be sent. As per the current alert shown in the image, an alert will be triggered once the purchase order is submitted.

When purchased order is created then i want an alert. Now alerts are not sent. i can see all those alert in Mail Queue with status “Not Sent”.

please see with ‘bench doctor’ if the scheduler is running (you will see the set of Worker)

if not, ‘bench enable-scheduler’ (<-- I not so sure about this command …something like this)

I have enable scheduler but no luck.
After enable scheduler do i need to restart nginx?

Hey, Thanks for support guys.
“bench enable-scheduler” is worked for me.