Email notification of ToDos

When I assign a document to someone, ERPNext is sending them a message with the title “New Message from (me)_”, even if I leave the “Notify by Email” box unchecked during assignment.

Am I misunderstanding what the “Notify by Email” box is doing here? I’m assigning documents to people sometimes a few dozen at a time, and they’re getting absolutely buried in email as a result.

Any tips?

Could you check for the Email Queue, from which document these emails are trigerred? Perhaps there is Auto Email created for Todo List, which is built based on Assigned To.

Thanks @umair. In the email queue, there doesn’t seem to be any associated doctype.

Fields in that doc are as follows:

Message: (full email message)
Status: Sent
Message ID:
Priority: 1
Unsubscribe Link: checked
Unsubscribe Method: /api/method/

Any thoughts?

Well, it’s hard for me to say for sure, but this seems to be a bug. I’ve posted an issue on github: