Email Notification on new Ecommerce Integration Logs

I am trying to set up email notification of error logs in the Ecommerce Integration Log. I have not figured out how to actually set them up. If set “Send Alert On” to “New” or “Save” it causes Error: Document has been modified after you have opened it. If I set it to “Submit” it never runs.

I am trying “Days After”->“Creation Date” with a setting of 1 day, but I would rather be notified sooner than a day after. I don’t yet know if this works or not.

How can I get notified sooner when a new Ecommerce Integration Log comes in?


Scott =)

This is bit weird.

Where/How did you set notification? was it on log doctype or invoice? Since the error you’ve shared is about the invoice document. If that’s the case maybe we can reload the doc before submitting so whatever user customization is committed gets reloaded before submitting. This is just doc.reload() before submitting.

I am using the notification system under “Settings”->“Notification”.

The Sales Order is easy, I just changed it to notify on “Submit”. Since the notification should happen after the submit, it shouldn’t cause this problem anymore. That being said I haven’t tested that yet.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a submit on the Ecommerce Integration Log. So the notification doesn’t fire.

Adding the doc.reload() would likely correct the problem for the Sales Orders when using a notification on a “New” document.


Scott =)