Email PDF messing up padding

I’ve made custom tables for my Quotation, and it looks perfect on the Print screen.
But when the Email is sent, the pdf ruins the table.

Below are the screenshots of Normal:

and the PDF in Email:

Can someone help me out with this?

P.S- Ive edited the file frappe/…/styles/standard.css, but that didnt help.

standard.css is all the additional style there

So, is this a problem with wkhtmltopdf?

Also, any suggestion on how I can fix it?

Thank You!


This is still haunting me.

I’ve edited the standard.css file, added @media print to the Quotation CSS file, still no luck.

Any suggestions?

I figured out my mistake. Really sorry!

I forgot to set cellspacing to 0. Got confused since it looked fine in the print window.

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