Email queue,Email CC and recipients

I have used frappe.send mail function in server script.

Email Queue output:
i want to show recipients as : To:,,
not To: <–recipient–>.
i want this:

not this:

i think,
using this way (To:,, all ids will show in all emails in email details
using this way( To: ) particular receiver id will only show its id in email details.and reply to all also not possible.

as email cc is not provided now through client script,server script and notification.

please give any solution for this.

Hi @poojavadher,

If you want to use cc and bcc then check the server script example.

recipients = ['']
cc = ['', '']
bcc = ['']

text = frappe.sendmail( 
    cc = cc,
    bcc = bcc,
    subject = 'Subject Testing ...',
    content = 'Content Testing ...'

Thank You!

I have applied same code but it doesn’t consider as email cc so i add all cc and main recipients to ‘TO’: