Email Queue Processing

I’ve setup email alert on document save. The alert is working fine and it is sending email record in Email Queue but all email status is ‘Not Sent’. Other then this, Welcome email and other email which are sent through code via Email Queue are working fine. Is there a process i need to setup to process the Queue? is there any example i can see?


Email are sent through Email Queue after 6-10 mins through scheduler, Please check if scheduler is enabled for your site


I’ve enabled the scheduler and waited half hour but still no email. Do i have to do any entry in or where can i see if any error is generating for scheduler.

Just to make sure if they queue email is running i’ve tested it by clicking send now button and it was working.

Hi @Saqib_Rupani, Can you check if the email can be sent manually by clicking Send Now button in Email Queue form view?

Yes and its working fine on button press. How do i know if my scheduler is working. Btw i m not using erpnext. I m just using frappe framework

logs/worker.error.log lists details of each worker process that the scheduler has run with a timestamp status result

My logs/frappe.log also has this:

[DEBUG] 2017-10-16 14:36:17,452 | /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/utils/
Queued events for site
[DEBUG] 2017-10-16 14:51:18,447 | /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/utils/
Queued events for site

My scheduler runs every 15 minutes.

This is the case for erpnext, perhaps the same for frappe?

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Yes you can know that from log files, also

bench doctor

should list the scheduler status for sites.
We have noticed a case earlier when sending one email fails the rest in the queue are skipped, try clearing the queue and start over again.

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How can you check the scheduler please?

Welcome to ERPNext!

The previous posts note checks you can do. But these assume you are running a self-hosted environment, that allow access to bench commands and logs etc from a terminal console.

But if instead your ERPNext instance is hosted (on for eg, then you have no such access other than the web gui interface to check for Background Jobs and Error Log, that report on process or task results that may include the scheduler to run.

hope this helps