Email rule based on date

I am preparing a full blown HR guide for ERPnext and it is nearly completed. I have a minor issue sending an email based on a date.

The setting is very basic.

Employee “A” is a foreigner and his/her visa needs to be taken care by HR. HR created a field called visa_expiry_date. What I expect is that 30 days before the system should remind HR that the employee’s visa is about to expire. I guess I did something wrong.

if you set correctly please see the log is there any eror on the scheduler or in your server for sending an email…


I have over 25 rules which work perfectly. All mails sent without a glitch. All I want to learn is sending an email based on a field value like a dynamic reminder

@ferohers don’t see why it should not work!

Look forward to your HR documentation :smile: