Email send/receive not working after update to 13.24.0


I today updated to latest version 13.24.0.
Before that I had to update nodejs (v14) and also run ./env/bin/pip3 install bleach_allowlist.
Only after that I was able to successfully run bench update.

However since the update I get this error when trying to send an email:

ImportError: Module import failed for Communication (frappe.core.doctype.communication.communication Error: No module named ‘parse’)

And the same error for “pull_from_email_account”

thanks in advance!!!

Hi I´m Having the same issue!

when you amend any document does it get the error?

if you have not apply this command then try below on frappe-bench directory

./env/bin/pip3 install parse

Thanks You!

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Thank you for your reply
I have reverted to the previous version but will try again as soon as possible.
Will keep you updated

My system was on version 13.21.0
First issue - No module named ‘bleach_allolwlist’ → bench update failed
Solved by running ./env/bin/pip3 install bleach_allowlist inside frappe_bench directory
Re-run bench update - update went through, but afterwards communication module issue, i.e. not able to send/receive email.
Run ./env/bin/pip3 install parse inside frappe_bench directory, as recommended by NCP → Problem solved.
Thanks a lot !!!

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