Email sent but didn't receive any email

hello, anyone can help me pls ?
i’m confused, after i update my erpnext to v12.5.2 frappe v12.3.0,
i can save email account, email domain, then i try to send email and then email queue created
but after the status change from not sent to sent, i didn’t receive any email…
with the same setup, on my previous erpnext v11.1.48, frappe v11.1.40 i can receive the email that sent.
am i miss any setting?

Email Queue sent

after i check worker.error.log
it show

14:41:38 default: frappe.utils.background_jobs.execute_job(event=‘sendmail’, is_async=True, job_name=‘<function sendmail at 0x7f1b35551840>’, kwargs={‘communication_name’: ‘3ee1330ad6’, ‘print_html’: ‘’, ‘print_format’: ‘Standard’, ‘attachments’: , ‘recipients’: [‘’], ‘cc’: , ‘bcc’: , ‘lang’: ‘en’, ‘session’: {‘data’: {‘user’: ‘Administrator’, ‘session_ip’: ‘’, ‘last_updated’: ‘2020-04-05 21:41:32.289065’, ‘session_expiry’: ‘06:00:00’, ‘full_name’: None, ‘user_type’: ‘System User’, ‘device’: ‘desktop’, ‘session_country’: {‘geoname_id’: 1643084, ‘iso_code’: ‘ID’, ‘names’: {‘de’: ‘Indonesien’, ‘en’: ‘Indonesia’, ‘es’: ‘Indonesia’, ‘fr’: ‘Indonésie’, ‘ja’: ‘インドネシア共和国’, ‘pt-BR’: ‘Indonésia’, ‘ru’: ‘Индонезия’, ‘zh-CN’: ‘印度尼西亚’}}, ‘csrf_token’: ‘06c3e899be9994abb6f103102f86251aec5cb397db28f0ff4b373c50’, ‘lang’: ‘en’}, ‘user’: ‘Administrator’, ‘sid’: ‘ce403da3e66003145e4516a7f416b4bc23dadea14ec6b5feb7db1265’}, ‘print_letterhead’: 1}, method=<function sendmail at 0x7f1b35551840>, site=‘’, user=‘Administrator’) (bb9d9cd2-af1e-41c4-97aa-8342ad70ed3d)
WARNING Property: Unknown Property name. [11:3: overflow-wrap]

You are NOT likely receiving the email because of spam filters on the receiving account. Gmail is constantly updating their filters and there may be something new in the headre information from your email origination that triggered the filtering on the receiving end.

Sometimes these filters do not even allocate the email to the spam folder, they just bounce it back as undeliverable. I have had problems with this many times. It helps to use gmail as your sending agent. This opens more doors in the email world for you with less restrictions.

Hope this helps.


Additionally, if you own your email URL and it’s associated account, then you may be able to hlep this along by having the host provider for your email add some additional settings.

One is Reverse DNS setting. I do not remember the other one right now, but both of them assist the email receiver to filter out spoofed emails. These additional settings have become required in many email systems.

If I can find the other setting in my notes later I will post back.


thanks for the answer, but why thats happen at my erpnext v12, i make new server with erpnext v11 and do the same setup, i can receive the email

I know they made changes to how email works in some v12 editions. This is likely altering the email headers in some way that the gmail receiving server does not like. If the queue reports that he email was sent, then it faithfully sends the message, but it may not be one that gmail is willing to receive and thinks it is spam or something nefarious.


after i make brand new erpnext v12 now thats problem not appear anymore and i received any email that i send even after more than 20 times i tested it…
but its still weird
thank you anyway

I have the same problem.

In version 12, self hosted on virtual machine.
I have configured the domain and account correctly on two intances, but all of them are sending the email to the spam folder.

Is there anything that I can do to prevent this?

We are using email as the core notification to the users, as they spent much time on the email