Email sent from ERPNext arrive with no message body

it appears sendmail from command line was sending through some Linode smtp yet they said their ubuntu image does not include a sendmail configuration. this was just a fresh Linode install and then I downloaded the easy install script and let it run (after getting the python packages installed it asks for on the easy install page)

So then you are saying sendmail is or isn’t possibly the source of your ‘missing email body’ problem?

someone needs to chime in that knows how ERPNext/frappe is setup to work

I have no idea if it uses sendmail or postfix or what. I have not been able to figure it out going through the code yet.

The code uses sendmail, to check for that:

frappe@ubuntu:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name '*.py' | xargs grep sendmail

Hence my questions if you would respond…

I’ve got it fixed now. I’ll be working on an article to publish a guide on how to make ERPNEXT and Office 365 integrate and work flawlessly. and I’ll post a link here

Hi nostahl, can you give me a hint what the issue was? We experience the same issue, but with our Exchange Server (not O365).

  • email goes out
  • subject is ok
  • body is empty
  • log says (header exceeds max. size) → max header site is set to 256

Thanks in advance,

on the exchange side, had to setup shared email box accounts and use those with erpnext if I remember right. like

Has there been a solution ? I have the same problem, all mail is empty. This happend on v11 since upgrading to python3.5

Same problem here. Can’t display the message of an email, except when I sent it trough erpnext.

This may be an MS issue for eg Equal sign in emails - #25 by Andrew_McLeod

Hi @clarkej ,

I dug the issue with my email provider, and we found out that the issue is in this file: frappe/ at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub,

What happens is that frappe requests three pieces of data: [the entire message (including headers), the message headers, and the flags on the message] and expects the exact order [flags, entire message, headers] to be returned. It then ignores the redundant headers element. My email provider happens to return [flags, headers, entire message]; so the linked code tries to find the text of the body in just the headers.

I will open an issue later.

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do you have a solution for this, I am having the same issue, since I switched to Office365.

I suppose it will be resolved when they will have time to work on it.

can you please send me the fix.