Email sent from ERPNext arrive with no message body

we are trying to setup ERPNEXT with office365 email server. we can now send email from ERPNext to one of our gmail accounts but it arrives with no content.

if we reply to the email from the gmail account. the message body shows up and is logged in ERPNext.

Here’s a case of nil email message body Error erpnext.projects.doctype.project.project.project_status_update_reminder · Issue #17891 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

so this is an epidemic now? no resolution on the thread linked

How is your outbound email generated or manually created, and what is the message body that seems not to be sent - please be specific with observations and tests you have done to narrow the problem case thanks!

I just went to a sales order and scrolled down and clicked the button to email. I entered in the message “test email 1” and so on.

the email gets sent and the message is not there. if I reply to the email the reply will show up in ERPNext.

What do you mean by not there, not where? You say the sender has no copy of the sent email?

the email body arrives blank

So the message body that shows up here is not just the reply message, but also the initial email body appears here too - that is, the missing email body that arrived blank!?

the first message body is still missing.

but it does log the message body of the reply

To check the database and logs too would help pinpoint the problem source.

I have been through the logs but email contents are not logged

and it is saved in the database because it is logged fine in the user interface

But you haven’t confirmed the message is actually in the database?

clarkej im curious how you think it could possibly display the message on the erp interface if it was not intact saved to the database?

Yes I suppose there is only one message id!

And that message id appears as sent in the mail log?

yes and it does arrive to the specified email just empty body

Reports from others and this forum is how to troubleshoot and resolve whether that’s the case, or if it is a config or environment issue in your case.

To troubleshoot further perhaps find a mail service providers who would help you troubIeshoot on the remote end.

What else to try:

Use sendmail on the command line email - send mail from linux terminal in one line - Stack Overflow

My guess perhaps an encoding/decoding/formatting issue in the body of the outgoing message, so check Show original message source of the sent and received for clues.

So sendmail includes the message body and does not exhibit the problem? v12 - All emails generated by ERPNext contain no body - TESTED: able to successfully send email directly with sendmail from command line · Issue #18690 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub