Email server for my domain

hello. I have a verified domain from google . now I want to use my email in erpnext . what is the server and smtp server ?

Are you saying that you’re using Gsuite/Workspace?

If so follow the regular steps for setting up an email account, and select Gmail as the service.

The required details will be pre-filled:

@kennethsequeira thank you for replying . my question is , will gmail server works fine with my email domain ? or I need another server

Can you clarify what you meant earlier when you said you have a verified domain from Google?

Do you have your own Email server setup or are you using Google’s Gsuite/Workspace service where you have a custom domain but just use Gmail.

@kennethsequeira it’s just a custom domain from google . like . for our company

Ah got it!

Then yes, you can select GMail in the Email Service option when you setup the Email Account. This will preload all the settings needed for the email setup.