Email Setup for Godaddy


I am trying to set up our incoming and outgoing email account on ERPNext. I use Godaddy email account.
However, Godaddy is not listed in the options available.

How can i still use my domain to send incoming and outgoing emails?


Yes it should work. You will have to add server and port manually.

Thanks Anand,

I am having a great difficulty setting up the email. The configuration is not saving and i got some error.

Pls can you guide me on how to escalate to support?

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Sent you a PM with the support email address

Pls can you clarify what you mean? I don’t understand.

Many thanks

Hello anand,
even I am facing the same issue. I tried my email account hosted on godaddy but when I click button the window just shows “Saving” forever. Please help

@Kumar_Akshay could be host/port issue

I tried to use my gmail, yahoo, hotmail email ids. But when I click on save it says invalid username or password. On Gmail I have turned off the feature to allow access to less secure apps.
Please tell me what to do

I am facing same issue with Godaddy email configuration. Do you have any solution?
I configured the Incoming & outgoing server & Port which was recommended by godaddy. the same setting working in outlook. but In ERPNext showing “Request Timed Out”
Thanks in advance