Email shortcut on save/submit

I’d like to trigger a send email event at the save/submit step, and I’m only looking for a shortcut to this dialog.

I am having trouble finding the documentation and any direction would be welcome.


You can use the Email Alerts to trigger the email on document save and submit. For more information on Email Alert please check User Manual.

Thanks, Makarand

Thanks @makarand_b. The reason I was looking for a custom shortcut was that I don’t think the Email Alert is a great solution in my use case.

We have a subset of vendors that will be requested often for updates to their products (livestock), and we’ll be requesting transfers of these through a custom doctype (it needs more UI parameters than an item and material request). We don’t want all of this subset of vendors to get email updates when we request livestock from one of them, but a primary contact at the company where we’re issuing the request would be best. Automatically emailing isn’t a super idea, so giving the user an option to add details to the request is good. That’s how I settled on the email shortcut. I’m sure it’s just a function call, but I was having trouble finding the source code for that menu.

So now that I’ve over explained the why, do you know where to find the source for the “email this document” code?