Email SMTP problem

Hi, Trying to configure the SMTP with O365.
Doesn’t seem to work although I use the same config with other devices.
No Scheduler Logs either
Incoming mail is working though.

Extra info: I do get my Daily Digest mails from the default sending account.

Do bench doctor

eagle@k0001beanterp01:~$ bench doctor
Inspecting workers and queues…
Finding locks…
Checking scheduler status…
Workers online: True
Pending tasks 0
Timed out locks:

Note: To view pending tasks, use bench dump-queue-status
eagle@k0001beanterp01:~$ bench dump-queue-status
“total”: 0
Pending Tasks Queue

Then there’s a problem with your smtp settings. Try checking it with office 365 support.

hi @jkeersmaekers

Did you resolve this? if so how?

Many thanks


Hi @PaulTheTrouble

We didn’t resolve it yet.
We had some other issues and are busy with development of some modules.
When we get the email system fixed I will post it here.


Hi @jkeersmaekers

Our Client was having the same issues. They use aol online. The problem was related to AOL not accepting the email via smtp as there is no relay dns setup, thus they assume it to be spam!

I did a telnet test to confirm if the smtp server and port could be accessed


telnet 587

we received a AOL May no longer accept connections from IP addresses with no reverse DNS…

The quick fix was to setup a default gmail account for this client as and allowed less secure apps… all working fine now.

All in all some email providers will not allow you to access their ports thus stick with those supported by ERPNext and all seems to work great.

This may not help you but though I’d add our experience.



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