Email Sparkpost uses port 2525 on GCP

Have configured Sparkpost and emails are working for that account. When tried to configure email account it say “Invalid login or password” Was using the the same one which was provided in the Sparkpost SMTP relay page.
Is there anything else i have missed ?

Don’t put a domain name in. Instead, from the services drop down choose Sparkpost. Everything else looks fine.

thanks @Dbone . If Service Drop is selected, which port will be used for SMTP ? As Google Cloud vm has port restriction on default mailing ports.

Presumably, if you select Sparkpost in the service drop down it uses whatever Sparkpost needs which in my case is either port 587 or 2525.

Just login to your Sparkpost account and on the side bar select Account and then SMTP Relay. All the info of what Sparkpost needs is there, ERPNext would have to comply with that to function.


You must use port 2525 for SparkPost if you are using Google Cloud VM.

Port 587 is reserved for gmail and if you enter 587 it will time out.

If you are using a google apps email account and the gmail imap and smtp, you must enter port 587. You can not leave it blank.