Email Template for Receiving Support Issues

Hi there!

We require an email template to be configured for receiving support-related issues so that, the customer can mention the exact details we need to filter out the keywords in the description and be able to assign those issues to the corresponding support agents. How can we proceed from here?

Our use case is to utilise the support or the helpdesk module to receive issues or tickets automatically from an incoming email address append them to the issue or ticket list and also automatically assign them to the support agents using assignment rules. So far, we have been able to figure out much of the design but need help regarding the configuration of an email template and how we can fetch certain keywords from the email description or the subject such that the issues can be assigned to the respective support teams.

We were also not able to make use of the assignment rule condition fully as the condition can only be written in one line with simple conditional operators and not for loops or regular expressions.