Email Template styling in HTML not working

Hi everyone,

I notice this issue with Email Template:
I created an “Email Template” with HTML code, but when applying the email template, it only has the Rich Text Editor and not able to choose using html when sending email, so it parse the html email template to the value in Rich Text Editor. But the Rich Text Editor is unable to parse my styling.

So my question is:
Can I retain the html styling of the Email Template when I send out the email? I think this is an issue, you can create Email Template using html but not able to apply it when send email. Is there a work around to this issue?

This is the Email Template, I am trying to style the link to display as a button:

But when sending email, the Rich Text Editor parse my html code but not my button styling:

  • or is there a way to style a link as a button in Rich Text Editor?

Thanks in advance.

You may check the email templates here. Maybe you can find some clues.