Email template subject german letters not used


Is there any possibility to german umlaute in Email template subject? We are on the way back to erpnext, tried to use other “smaller” ERP system, but we are missing some features…

Now I am creating Email templates, never the less the template itself is not working well, but this is another story…

We need to have german letters, umlaute, in email template subject, but this is not working. I am trying all possibilities I know:

- ü - ü - ü - ü - but it came out this way: - ü - ü - ü - ü -.
Main problem, our company name has this “ü” in it => Thür…

are there any other possibilities to write german umlaute in email template subject?

Update 03.01.: also if I am naming the email account with umlaut, sender name is wrong.