Email templates

We just bought html email template designs from 99design that we’d like to upload into ERPNEXT. our intent is to send spring clean email with CTAs. Can anyone help me give a step by step on how to import the email template designs(if possible)?


I am also looking for the same

We too…
Are there any possibility to create „modern“ email templates?

As of now adding custom email design is not possible in ERPNext.

Using email templates you can add dynamic data from the system to your emails.

More information:

I saw this announcement about v13 which says:

Allow HTML in email templates
Before you could only set up email templates using the built-in text editor now you can customize and personalize the templates directly using HTML


While this is right, at the moment you cant add stylesheets to Email Templates like OP needs.

The html you type in the template is enclosed in the body tag.