Email to customer's contact

I am new to ErpNext so I’m sorry if the question is trivial.
If I want to send an email to a customer how I can do?
I have tried to send it from the customer page, but I see that the form not fill with any address. Then I though that I need to go to the contact page, but I cannot find any link to it.
Look like that the only way to write (link) to someone of the customer is to find he/she from the contact list. Is there something that I don’t understand?

Many thanks.


In the Customer document, there is an Address and Contact tab where you can enter the contact information. Once that is set up, you should be able to use the New Email button on the customer page.

From Menu tab click Email, you will have to manually enter the email address. But you are right it should fetch the email address, can you raise the github issue for the same at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub