Email to Supplier before requested date

I would like to send email to supplier one day before requested dat of purchase order,

The issue i am facing is , Suppose say 3 purchase order have been made by 3 different suppliers in same requested date.The mail should be sent to all the 3 supplier one day before requested date.

But in my case : All 3 mails have sent to only one supplier among that 3.

What would be the issue? Do i have to set something special in email account set up?

Hello, @Suresh_Alien
Greetings from Frappe! Thanks for reaching out.
You can set up email alerts for your suppliers using Email Alert tool of ERPNext. Check out the GIF:

Please refer the below link to learn more:
Hope this helps.

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Hello ,

I have done like this only.

Even the mails are going,the problem is ,

If 3 Purchas orders have made with 3 diffrent suppliers , All mails have been sent to only one (same) supplier among that 3 instead of sending it to all 3 suppliers sepreately.
The mail should be sent indivigually to all suppliers you know

Suresh can you check if all the suppliers that you wanted the emails to go to, have the role Supplier allotted in their User page or not ?

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I’ve given supplier email id in CC.

My question was whether the Supplier have a user id created in your ERPNext instance ?

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No,I dont have

I’ve tried by Email by role (Supplier). The mail has been sent to suppliers who all are have user id.

Now its sending to all suppliers. I want it to be sent to current supplier(Whose name has chosen on current purchase order).

Can you help me with the conditions