Email - use both erpnext and thunderbird

I recently learned how to add my email account to erpnext. Yeah!

I am able to see my emails. I can read them and delete them. I can even send fine.

But, I am using Thunderbird for all my email, so until I get things working well in ERPNext, I will use both.

That being said, I noticed that when I erase an email in Thunderbird, it is not erased in ERPNext.

Why not?

ERPNext isn’t a live link to your IMAP folders, it imports emails from your email account, which is why you’ll normally see them as having been read once they are imported.

When you delete an email from Thunderbird, you are deleting the email from your IMAP folder on the server, but if the email has already been imported into ERPNext then that won’t affect the already imported email.

Thanks for the reply. It explains what is happening.

It imports it, that makes sense But, if I come back 6 hours, it imports more.

It does not synchronize then.

If it does not synchronize, then using it as a comminications hub(as I have seen in ERPNext information), is not a viable solution for us. IMAP has the beauty of having the same message and folder structure regardless what email program you use with it.

Which also removes it as a CRM, because Thunderbird is much easier to use as an email client, so I’d use it for things that do not need to be saved in the CRM. But, if the emails are not synchronized, I’d have to for ever have to go back in ERPNext and erase the emails that I erased via Thunderbird.

Are their any plans to improve this?

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