Email wasn't sent

Hi team,

Sometimes, my emails aren’t sent.

I can see it in Communication list with type Email but in Email Queue they aren’t appeared.

Maybe someone has the same problem and know what I should to do?

Thanks for your answers.

I still need some help.

Hi @NMyshuk,

could you share more details on the mail configuration that you are using? Is it a predefined service or a custom mail server? If you are using a custom mail server, does the log file give any insights? We get very good results using a custom mail domain with TLS on port 587 (submission)…

Using a specific mail account (let’s say, configure the Email Domain on this mail with with SSL on and port 587. Then set the corresponding values in the default sending, we use await password.

Hi @lasalesi,

Thank you very much for your answer.

Yes, we use custom mail domain.

The log file, could you please specify which log file I should check?

and our problem appears sometimes, as usual everything works(I mean emails are sent) but sometimes something went wrong and they are not sent.

Hi @NMyshuk,

check the mail server logs (e.g. on postfix /var/log/mail.log) if you can find connections. They might be delayed from the actual send time in ERPNext (range ~15 minutes). You could also monitor the connection between ERPNext server and mail server to see if there are interruptions. And lastly, check firewall and fail2ban logs to see if there are temporary blocks (e.g. due to failed logon attempts) which could block the send attempts.

Hope this helps…

Thank you