Emailed doc also sent To comments participants

Hi Guys,

Not sure if this is a deliberate function or not. When a user emails a document it not only sends to the recipient specified in the To field of the email popup but also to all the parties who exist against the Comments section as having interacted with that document - even if it was just changing a workflow.

This is creating a lot of spam emails inter-office for us as many users may interact with a Sales Order prior to it being emailed.

Is there a way to switch this off - and if it’s not intentional then I will open a Github issues for it.


User “despatch” has changed workflow status on a Sales Order:

User Rolf sends email to customer notifying of delivery date:

Despatch user also receives the same email:

Please advise so I can log either as a bug or for a switch to turn this function on and off.


The system will notify all participants in the timeline.

You can click on “leave this conversation” in the email to switch off.

If you want to globally switch this off, open your setting (from the top toolbar)

and check “Send Notifications for Transactions I Follow”