Emailing a document (invoice)

Hi, under which condition a email of a customer’s email is automatically fetched, in other words, where to enter the mail address I have one customer where it works and one where not. Both have identical address & contacts content. The one that works once submitted his infor through the website makeing an order in the webshop.

Does it go into the spam folder by any chance or if the email ID is correct?

Hi Rushabh, this is not the issue. If i have a sales invoice, and than i click “mail”, i do have copy/paste the ,mail address. Is there a way that the mail of the customer is automatically fetched from custom/adress data.
rgds robert

Robert, The email id is automatically updated from the Contact Details. Please update the contact details and check.

yepp, do not understand why it did not work when tested. Only difference is that the invoice was not submitted.Cld this make a difference, rgds robert

Submitted should not make a difference. Could be something else…