Emailing documents before submission

I have saved a document and then sent it to the customer by email before submitting it. It doesn’t seem to be sending. Can documents be emailed before they are submitted?

Yes, you can.

Please check if you have set the Default Email Account

Thank you @makarand_b how would I check this?


You can find the Default Email Account option in Email Account doctype

Please check the below screenshot

@makarand_b where would I find this setting as it doesn’t appear to be in set up


GoTo Desk > Setup > Email > Email Account or you can just serch the Email Account in the Awesome bar

@makarand_b I use office 365 which service should I pick?

Can I also create shared mailboxes in erpnext?

@makarand_b can i choose which email address the document is being sent from?

Also, how would I access the inbox for incming mail?


Yes, you will need to add the Email Inbox entry in User,

Please check the screenshot

@makarand_b please see other questions above

After the setting the Default Incoming Email Account, you can access it by typing Email Inbox in the awesomebar

Hi, @netchampfaris thank you. What service do I chioose since I use office 365 not google etc?

I am guessing I need to add the domain name too

For clatifiation I am using cloud not my own hosting

you dont need to choose a service if you know the port and smtp url

@netchampfaris so i set up another email with my host such as

then add the domain to ERPNext

Then add the port and stmp to the email