Emails added in queue but not sent

The email is added in queue , but is only sent when pressing “Send Now”
have also done bench enable-scheduler
This is the output of bench doctor

Did anyone encounter the same issue before? How to solve it?


Check the Email Queue List and see the Suspend/Resume sending button status. Was email working as expected at one time and then not? Also check the Error Log List.

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My setup:
ERPNext: v15.9.1

Frappe Framework: v15.8.1

Frappe HR: v15.8.0
Run in docker.

I´ve tried everything what forum says. bench doctor, enable scheduler restarting containers etc
My scheduler stopped working after internet went down on my server. The fix that worked for me was simply logout from the app and log back in.
Maybe it will help someone to. :slight_smile:

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This just did it for me. Thank you so much!!